Quantum Poker

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Poker eBook Geschenk

Poker Ebook über die sitautionsbedingt richtige Strategie beim Poker spielen. Englischsprachiges ebook mit tiefergehenden Erläuterungen über das spielerisch korrekte Verhalten.

Quantum Poker (English Edition)

Adding Enumeration to Your Poker Arsenal

Quantum Poker is the first poker strategy book to completely and correctly define how to make the best in-game decisions by employing unprecedented methods. This book will tie together basic and advanced concepts in what is called "The Unified Theory of Poker," and will replace the common poker term "EV" - Expected Value - with a more accurate term, AEV - Average Enumerated Value. While most examples will be given in NLHE, Quantum Poker is uniquely designed to help improve your overall game. From hand range and combinatorical analysis to equity distribution by street, you will learn the necessary tools to be the best poker player that you can possibly be.

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