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Poker Freak Shirt

Adult Costume Theme Party Ideas

Whether it’s a birthday party, a New Year’s Eve party, or any other special occasion, a great way for adults to have some fun during a get-together is to have a costume theme party! Everyone arrives dressed for the occasion and when they arrive, there are themed decorations and games to play. Here are a few party theme ideas if you want to have one, but aren’t sure which one is best.

Pirate Theme Party Ideas– Eye patches, swords and parrots! Guests arrive dressed as pirates and wenches. Spike your punch bowl with some rum and serve a variety of seafood . Decorate with nautical themed items such as ships, flag and fish netting. Organize a treasure hunt. The winner could receive a bottle of rum or the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Go to Home Depot and buy some wood to represent a wooden plank and set it up on some blocks. You can get creative with this and blindfold guests as they “walk the plank” when saying a certain word or completing an action. It’s also a great way to tell if someone is too drunk to drive home.

Hawaiian Theme Party Ideas – Hosting a luau party is not hard or expensive. Ask your guests to arrive in Hawaiian floral shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flips. Leis are actually extremely cheap to purchase at any party store. You can also find some tiki torches and inflatable beach balls for very reasonable prices as well. Decorate your cocktails with fancy umbrellas and make a pineapple punch. Serve food such as ham, beef skewers and a variety of tropical fruits. Game ideas include a hula dancing or hula hoops contest, limbo competition and pineapple bowling where you would use pineapples instead of bowling pins.

Western Theme Party Ideas – Howdy partner! Think cowboy hats, cowboy boots, saloon girls and plastic toy guns. A western themed party is a great way for adults to have some fun! Decorate with hay bales, lassos and plastic toy snakes. Print out a “Wanted” poster and put the faces for some of the guests around the house. Forget the punch and serve beer and whiskey. Play some country music and organize games such as poker, horseshoes or a mock rodeo where guests have to lasso their dates! Place some peanut buckets around the house and do some grilling on the barbeque. Corn on the cob, beans and chili are great food for a western party.

Sports Theme Party Ideas – Guests come dressed as if they’re ready to play their favorite sport! Decorations are easy to find. You can easily make pennants out of construction paper and purchase low cost sports themed decorations at your local party store.  Serve hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and get a keg of beer. The obvious choice of activities would be sports such as flag football, volleyball and basketball.

Disco Theme Party Ideas – Get groovy and take your guests on a time warp by hosting a disco themed party.  Ask guests to arrive in bellbottoms, polyester, platform shoes and afros! As your guests arrive, have them walk through a beaded curtain. Find some lava lamps and burn some incense.  Confetti makes a nice addition. Play your favorite 70s music and clear an area of your house where they can dance under a disco ball. Serve some fondu as it was extremely popular during this era; so was Snapple. For disco theme party games, try Twister! You can also recreate some popular 70s game shows such as Family Feud, ,000 Pyramid and Let’s Make a Deal.

Ladies und Gentlemen, endlich ist es soweit, CITY-DJs präsentieren euch die Poker Face Open 2007/ 2008. Was ist die Poker Face Open 2007/ 2008? Poker Face Open ist ein von CITY-DJs´ veranstaltendes Poker Turnier, welches sich über ein ganzes Jahr lang erstreckt und trotzdem bei jedem einzelnen Turnier Unmengen an Sachpreisen an die Gewinner ausgegeben werden. Dieses Turnier setzt sich zum Ziel das alte Poker Flair wieder ans Licht zu bringen. In einer Runde mit Frauen, Geld, Zocken und Blöffen bis zum Abwinken kommen regelmäßig min. 80 Pokerbegeisterte zusammen, um zu zeigen, wer das Poker Face Open 2007/ 2008 ist. Jeden ersten Sonntag im Monat finden sich alle ab 14 Uhr im Dollhouse D Lounge ein, um den anderen ihr Poker Face zu offenbaren, denn kein anderer Club steht für mehr Geld, Spielen, Zocken, Frauen und Blöffen als die Dollhouse D Lounge — der Club der Dollhouse Kette. Wie oft soll das Turnier stattfinden und was kann ich gewinnen? Die Turniere finden einmal pro Monat statt. Ab dem 02.09.2007 bis zum 02.08.2008 wird jeden ersten Sonntag im Monat gezockt bis die Kinnlatte am Boden hängt und das im großen Stil. Die ersten 5 Platzierten eines jeden Turniers qualifizieren sich Zeitgleich für das Final Table im August 2008, wo dann der Hauptpreis auf dich wartet… Bei jedem einzelnen Turnier kann man aber auch viele Sachpreise, Reisen, etc. gewinnen. Preise, die jeden Zocker vom Hocker reißen und das Gehirn abschalten. Trotz alledem wird jeder versuchen, der beste

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